Since 2000

Kevin Kroyer

In 2000, Kevin Kroyer started Kroyer Racing Engines.

Complete Powertrain Packages

Custom pistons

 In 2003 Kroyer Racing Engines became the first company in the off-road racing industry to offer the “Complete Powertrain Package.” Offering this package allows us to maintain a well balanced operating relationship between the engine, transmission, and differential allowing for better power transmission to the wheels. This results in greater acceleration, higher top speeds, better pedal-feel and drivability, and  increased reliability.  

Race Ready


 In order to maximize our customer’s chances of success, we want to make sure that not only are the engines up to our standards, but also that  the accessories mounted to them are aligned properly, all of the pulley  speeds are optimized, the plumbing is correct, and the wiring/electronics are configured accurately. This simplifies installation and reduces your labor, considerably offsetting the cost of the initial purchase price.